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Blister/Skin/Vacuum Sealer

Blister pack:

It is a packaging method that using pre-formed plastic, such as PVC / PP / PET and has backing of paperboard printed with attractive graphic / heat sealable aluminium lidding foil.

Skin packaging:

Similar to blister pack, but using heat and a vacuum to form the thin transparent plastic which has glue layer over the product skin tight, instead of being pre-formed by eliminating moulding process for packaging cost saving.

Vacuum Sealer:

Type of packaging that remove air from the plastic bag and seal it. This vacuum packing to remove oxygen from a bag to extend the shelf life of foods and to reduce the volume of the content and package.

Blister Pack
Skin Packaging
Vacuum Sealer

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Blister Pack:

Skin Packaging:

Vacuum Pack:
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