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Label Applicator & Dispenser

The tools to simplify the process of removing a label from its liner or backing paper. Simple to operate and to maintain while increasing operator productivity and reduce wasted labels.

Wuu Sheng Label Dispenser (M-043)

M-043 from Wuu Sheng, a semi-auto label dispenser designed to cut time of pasting labels onto products by peeling the label for you. M-043 is suitable for the need of rapid label pasting on the products.
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ELM Label Dispenser (LD5100-2)

Ideally for virtually any kind of label from barcode to packaging. Automatically peels and advances labels. LD5100 is equipped with photosensor accuracy and reliability. With its robust metal construction, and high torque motor, it is suitable for heavy rolls of labels.
Sensor for transparent material is available.

Model LD5100-2
Label width

0.25" ~ 4.5"
6mm ~ 114mm

Label length 0.50" ~ 6"
13mm ~ 152mm
Power Source 220V 50Hz
Roll Capacity 12" (305mm)
Feed Speed 3.3"/sec (80 mm/sec)
Machine Dimension 10.8" L x 10.8" W x 14.5" H
274mm L x 274mm W x 368mm H
Machine Weight 9.2 lbs (4.17kg)

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Machine for wider label is available (LD7000-2)

ELM Label Dispenser (LD2000)

LD2000 is ideal for small labels and small work areas. It automatically peels labels from its liner and advances labels. LD2000 is able to dispense labels and die-cut parts. LD2000 is equipped with photosensor accuracy and reliability. With metal construction, this machine is built to last.

Model LD2000
Label width

0.25" ~ 2.25"
6mm ~ 57mm

Label length 0.25" ~ 3"
6mm ~ 76mm
Power Source 12VDC adaptor with universal transformer
Roll Capacity 6" (152 mm)
Feed Speed 2.2"/sec (56 mm/sec)
Machine Dimension 7.3" L x 4.9" W x 9.6" H
85mm L x 125mm W x 241mm H
Machine Weight 2.9lbs (1.32kg)

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ALB-220 (Automatic Labelling Machine)

ALB-220 is designed to decrease time used in manual labelling. A solution to rapid production with its precise positioning, on top and bottom of a flat surface product. Main constructed by stainless steel and combined with touch-screen control system.
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ALB-130 (Semi-Automatic Labelling Machine)

Labelling on round bottle can be hectic and labour consuming. With ALB-130 labelling on round bottles can be easy. With its user friendly control panel and easy to install feature, ALB-130 is economical labelling machine to use.
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